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How Everything Started - Arise of Coderdojo Erode & Webmaker Erode

Hello Everyone,

First of, thank you so much for showing interest to learn about us and  for spending your valuable time here. This is all about the story behind the arise of CoderDojo & Webmaker club Erode. Erode is a district in the state of Tamilnadu located in southern part of India.

You may wonder, how Webmaker & CoderDojo manage to reach such a place! And, this blogpost is just for that :) Go on reading!!!

In the first week of march, in a fine sunday evening, few friends of the same age group (21 - 24 years old) met at a temple ground of a village called Sullipalayam located in the district of Erode. They do this every week throughout the year but that evening turned out to be something special.



Reason being they are making fun of a person's ignorance with ATM Debit Card. For convenience, we are naming the person with ignore as Sasi (who had education only to the age of 14) and guy from the group as Tharun. Here is the conversation between the two on saturday afternoon.

Sasi      : Hi Tharun, I need your help

Tharun : What is it about ? Tell me

Sasi      : I received a call few days back saying I won a jackpot. I was requested to send my personal and bank details over e-mail.

Tharun : Oh, I see. What can I help you with ?

Sasi      : It's been more than 10 days I haven't received any prize. Can you check ?

Tharun : Sure! Can I see the e-mail you have sent. Is it gmail or something else ?

Sasi      :  Gmail only. Here are the details ( he took out his Debit card while he was telling the PIN number )

Tharun : What ? Tell me your e-mail id.

Sasi      : No, I don't have one. I sent the mail from Internet cafe from my friends mail account

Tharun : Oh..ok. What did you send ?

Sasi      : They asked for my name, Date of birth, ID card number, Bank account number along with Debit card number with PIN and last 3 transaction details

Tharun : OMG! You have given the secret details to someone that you are not suppose to. They can easily take your money from the account with this.

Sasi      : Haha! why are you trying to cheat me. My card is here and how can money be taken without the card.

Tharun : Wait Wait! Money can be taken through net banking or some purchase can be made online with your money.

Sasi      : Tharun. Don't play with me. Are you serious ? What can I do now ?

Tharun : I am serious. You should be happy that no money is lost till now. Immediately change your PIN.

Sasi      : Oh okay. But, my bank is not in our city I need to travel.

Tharun : No, you can do it from ATM.

Sasi      : Yeah..there is one ATM nearby. But, I have taken a FANCY NUMBER as my PIN - 7868. If I change, someone else will take that FANCY PIN, right ?

Tharun : Ha ha ha (he blasted with laugh). No PIN number is not unique multiple persons can have same number. Only card number will be unique.


Now, back to Sunday evening to our group. On hearing this, everyone blasted out laughing but at the same time they started thinking - "Why Sasi is ignorant?". Sasi and rest of the group had their education together up to the age of 10. But, Sasi now stands too far away from rest of the group in terms of technology and web literacy.

While they try to identify the grass roots of the problem another guy from the group shared yet an another interesting story. Here is what he said - a friend of his who also stopped his education early like sasi use to pay 20 INR every time to the bank assistant for filling the deposit/withdraw form.
Another guy came up saying a friend of his pay 2 INR more everytime when he topup his mobile to the retailer.  

These things made the group to think deeper and came to a conclusion that not all methods of education is sufficient these days. Also, Only having education alone won't do good. They felt, Awareness about technology, Internet is much needed in today's era. 

One guy in the group said I agree but you and me can't change anything ??????? But, another guy replied Why should we try to change ? Why not we create a parallel thing for people to learn ?
Entire group liked this approach and asked the very valuable question - How do we do that ?????

That's when the other guy said about "Coderdojo & Webmaker" initatives that aims and provides a PLATFORM in making more creative, web and technology related world. Other guy is Gauthamraj Elango.

He added that some in our generation aren't luckily enough to get the much needed web and technology related awareness and exposure.

While he was about to finish almost the entire group together shouted - " Why not we ensure upcoming generation get to know these at least to the level what we know now ?"

That's when CoderDojo Erode and Webmaker Erode BORN.  Idea is to provide free training to rural kids from 7-17 age group in a FUN and Informal way.Their focus is to start with very basics about computer and walk them through to a level of basic creator.




In Sunday evening group there were six guys who are all friends from childhood and live in the same village. And, now they together formed CoderDojo Erode. Please, meet our Super Sixes :D

1. Arun Shanmugam

2. Gauthamraj Elango

3. Govindasamy Rathinasamy

4. Mahendran Palanisamy

5. Prabu Kalaiselvan

6. Udhayakumar Sathiyamoorthy

We appreciate your patience for reading till here :P Clubs activities already started and to be updated please follow us in our social channels.

1. Facebook page -

2. Twitter -

If you are interested in joining/helping us please write to us here -

On 05.04.2015, we had our Inagural function and very first event. Official and detailed event report will be updated here soon. However, if you are curious and want to know more please check the blogs from our mentors.

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