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CoderDojo Erode - Our own unique identity

Hello Again,

In our last event (12/04/2015) which is also the second event of our club. We proudly launched the Logo of our Dojo. Logo was fully designed by our volunteer in a week time and launched by our little learners at the event. We also had a logo coloring competition to our learners for the occasion of launch.

And, this our logo :

For some of you, our logo might resemble like a Nib of Pen. You're right ! It indicates Nib of the Pen.

In our place, Nib of the pen considered to be symbol of Education. Providing much needed Education about technology to rural kids/youth is one our missions. But, we want to educate by "Learn by Make" approach and in a Fun, Informal and Creative way. With all this, we ended up choosing Nib of the pen inĀ  our logo :)

Next, if you closely look the figure inside. Mainly, when you tilt the logo horizontally. You can read "CODER" letters written in different form. Likewise, if you notice orange characters you can read "DOJO" and Blue color characters can be read as "ERODE" but written/drawn in different form. Hope you like our logo much more now :)

We strongly want to cultivate the belief in our learners that we all have the potential to achieve great heights. It is just that, we need to put effort to bring it out. Even the core team, have a lot of faith in this belief. So, to express this fact to others we made the logo this way.

If we consider "CoderDojoErode" as a skill that is acquired by everyone now. Not everyone will do wonders with their skill. But, people with a unique point of view and creativity can bring out their full potential using their acquired skills. Like, the way our mentors made this logo.

Everybody have skills but they need to bring it out. Major motivational factors doing this are Creative and Innovative thinking. One challenge we found in doing this, is the lack of platform for Kids and Youth to learn new things in a Fun way for expressing themselves as creative and Innovative.

Luckily, we have projects like CoderDojo and Webmaker providing that platforms both for Mentors and Learners now.

These are the facts behind the way our Logo was created. If you have comments, suggestions or concerns please share it with us. Let's share and learn together :)


CoderDojo Erode Team