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CoderDojo Erode (Tamilnadu) is a part of global CoderDojo network. This is a volunteer run initiative to provide knowledge about technology to kids, children and youth. We do this in a FUN, CREATIVE and INFORMAL environment based on "LEARN by MAKE" approach.

For now, we are a small group based in a village of Erode District. Our focus right now, to provide basic education about technology to rural kids, children and youth while we walk them through our learning journey.

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Hello everyone


I am so excited to help @coderdojoerode play and learn as we read, write, and participate on the web. One year ago I could not build a website. Then friends help. I want to help.
Added the image to the CSS stylesheet. It repeats. I messed up the no repeat code I think. Will need to play more.


We are a small group of geeks from Erode which is a district in state of Tamilnadu in southern part of India.