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CoderDojo Erode (Tamilnadu) is a part of global CoderDojo network. This is a volunteer run initiative to provide knowledge about technology to kids, children and youth. We do this in a FUN, CREATIVE and INFORMAL environment based on "LEARN by MAKE" approach.

For now, we are a small group based in a village of Erode District. Our focus right now, to provide basic education about technology to rural kids, children and youth while we walk them through our learning journey.

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coderdojo community updates

Thanks to coderdojo. coderdojoerode is create the Digital literacy and coding awarness through rural learners.special thanks to @gregmcverry. With Coderdojoerode team


#NetNeutrality - We Want to chase our dreams

Today, Webmaker and CoderDojo Erode clubs are joining hands with other organizations and individuals to save in India. In the morning, we did a human rally in the streets of our neighborhood to create awareness about . To have an impact we invited everyone for a "Call for Action". Due to our regional conditions, majority who showed interest are kids and youth. That's what we expected too :)

Why matters a lot to us ?

As a group, our vision is to provide better education about/with technology to kids/youth. Our prime focus is on rural areas. In rural places, Infrastructure and access to technology is getting better and can be affordable.

So,what's missing then ?

We think, the awareness and skills required to use/access the Internet are missing. (i.e) they aren't web nor digital literates.

CoderDojoErode & Webmaker Erode clubs we are trying to bridge the gap between rural people and technology. To have a good impact, we do this only with Kids and Youth in rural region.

If Internet is not Neutral, our learners won't be able to come online since they can't afford the high costs. This will put up a barrier at the access level itself.

Providing required skills and making rural kids/youth as web literates who can't afford to come online, doesn't make any sense nor impact for both learners and us.

Not having, Neutral Internet will make the dreams of our team, volunteers, mentors and learners as a dream that won't come true for ever.